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Programs and Seminars

So much real business gets done around wine, and our witty and useful presentations combine wine basics with proven business principles to give you powerful new business tools. Plus we make wine fun again. These are not the same old corporate dinners and trainings. Our unique programs are funny, original and down-to-earth. And we give you takeaway information that’s useful throughout your business and in your world outside business. We customize all our programs to fit all your needs, and can combine any elements or make them into seminars, retreats, classes and spouse programs.

Real Executives Drink Red Wine, and Other Management Tools

Knowledge is power, and because so many business situations and client relationships involve wine, we make your wine knowledge a surprisingly powerful tool. Even for wine fans, the world of wine can be a puzzle, but we’ll demystify it for you, and entertain you while we do it. You’ll get key tips for everything from wine protocol to handling wine lists to dealing with corporate dinners so you’ll never be uneasy around wine. We’ll also teach you the keys to giving wine as a business gift, organizing wine events -- from glasses to wine temperatures to etiquette – and much more.

Power Meals & Entertaining (and What to Do with that Cork)

The Wall Street Journal once called business meals a “boardroom war played out on a linen table cloth.” The first and most decisive shots in that war involve wine, and your confidence with wine, from protocol to fundamental info, means everything. This program – tailored for you as a keynote, breakout seminar or as guidance during a meal -- teaches you all the basics and is loaded with laughs and with tips to put you in command of any wine and food situation.

Just Relax and Take a Sip:
Wine Basics for Everyone Without the Winespeak or Stress.

One of our most popular keynote programs, this combines all the basic wine knowledge with entertainment. We tailor this to every level of wine experience, and give you humor and practical tips on everything from navigating restaurants, wine lists and store shelves to how wine is made and why you care, to advice on wine glasses, storing your wine, and, simply enough, and how to taste wine and enjoy it more. Maybe most importantly, we tell you how not to be a snob, even accidentally. We can adapt or expand this program to work well as a seminar, class or spouse program.

Corporate Team Building – Not Another Rock Wall

Here’s some team building no one will dread. You’ll learn how to blind taste, identify and rate wines, then you’ll split into teams to taste, make decisions and compete for wine. Like in so many business situations, winning ideas can come from anywhere, but no boardroom work tastes this good or creates this much fun. We easily customize this program to fit your needs as a spouse program, client entertainment, a reward for staff or for company social events.

Navigating Wine Country

This is a particularly useful program for groups arriving in wine country or spending free time wine tasting. We tell you about the places you’re headed and give you the Dos and the Really-Should-Nots for any wine tasting trip, including how to get the most out of tasting rooms and wine country visits, what to plan for and what to leave to chance, how to get better pours, how to avoid crowds, and how to make use of the info you’ll hear at the wineries.

Guided Wine Tastings

We’ll take you through a selection of wines – customized by region, style or your choice of theme – and load that tasting with both laughs and practical help to remember the wines we cover. We’ll tell you insider stories about the people and places behind the wines, and help you define the varietals and styles you like.

Wine Receptions

Don’t let your kick-off or pre-dinner receptions become simple time-killers. We’ll give your meeting energy with intriguing and tasty food-and-wine pairings, and just enough light-hearted information to make the event a pleasure. Our set-up also encourages people to relax and to mingle. We’ll establish a theme or create the tone you want for conference openers and end-of-the-day events. This works well with small bites and light food, or as a more substantial reception that can replace a sit-down meal.