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Rick knows how to make people laugh and relax— and learn about wine at the same time.
It's a unique combination and exactly what the wine business needs more of.

-- Karen MacNeil
Author of “The Wine Bible” and chair of professional wine studies at the Culinary Institute of America, Greystone

Wine can be one of the planet’s most universal and engaging subjects, and it can be a potent business tool.
Our entertaining keynote programs, organized tastings, seminars, and executive trainings are enlightening, unique, great fun, and teach all the fundamentals to make wine knowledge work for you and your business.
We mix the skills of an award-winning writer and entertainer and an experienced wine pro.

Our most popular programs include:
Making wine a business tool
Wine basics without the winespeak
Team building through wine tasting
Organized wine receptions
Beginner and in-depth classes
Executive training
Wine travel